Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kitchen Concepts Ltd. warrants to the original consumer (the purchaser) that all of our manufactured products will be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use when installed by a Kitchen Concepts installation team member. 

Handles, countertops, accessories, and other items supplied by Kitchen Concepts but manufactured by other suppliers, are covered for a period of one year.  

This warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners. 

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, vandalism, abuse, neglect, alteration, extreme temperatures, moisture, damaged caused by abrasive cleaning products, acts of God, improper storage, installation, or the effects of normal wear and tear (including normal incidental deterioration such as knicks, scratches, abrasions, and natural aging) as determined by Kitchen Concepts. This warranty shall become void if the cabinets are in any way modified, installed by a third party or damaged.

Kitchen Concepts’ obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of any part, or parts, that are proved defective. Expenses involved in removing, transporting, and re-installing the cabinets and/or doors as well as countertops, appliances, flooring or any other required item are not covered under this warranty, regardless of who performs the work.

Kitchen Concepts reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. If a claim is filed after a product has been discontinued or modified, Kitchen Concepts will honour the warranty by either replacing the warrantied product with a new piece of the same style or with a new piece with a style as similar as possible to the original. Kitchen concepts will make every effort to match the original material and colour; however, cannot guarantee that the finish of these components will match the original component exactly due to the changes that occur in the natural aging process that will affect wood grain as well as paint and stain colour.

Natural woods may vary in colour, characteristics, an exhibit subtle changes as they age, resulting in cabinet colours and finishes lightning, darkening, or changing overtime. 

Sunlight, smoke, household cleaners, and other environmental conditions may also affect the colour an integrity of your finish overtime period these are all normal changes that occur in a product because of its material and the environment it is used in and are not covered by this warranty.

Visible hairline cracks around the joint areas may occur on painted products as a cabinet expands and contracts with the home seasonal temperature swings, this is also beyond the scope of this warranty as Kitchen Concepts cannot control the environment at any site after install period. 

At the time of installation, doors may warp 1/4” or less, which is normal period the doors must be allowed to set which will take two seasons (e.g. spring and summer). Typically, the door will return to its normal flat state after two seasons, once a product acclimates to the installed environment.  Larger doors may develop some slight warping and will require a centre rail to minimize warping.

To properly clean your cabinets wiped down with a damp microfiber cloth and dry immediately. Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they will damage the finish.

This warranty is the exclusive warranty of Kitchen Concepts and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

To file a warranty claim, email warranty@kitchenconcepts.ca. We will arrange a mutually convenient time for inspection of our products. We will obtain the information necessary to make a claim decision. 

Warranty email claims must include a complete description of how the defect occurred, photos and a dated receipt as proof of purchase is required to obtain benefits from this warranty.