Cabinet Care

Liquid spills should be cleaned up as they occur. Areas around your sink and dishwasher may need to be cleaned more often. Never hang a wet dishcloth or dish towel over your wood cabinet doors. eventually the moisture can cause permanent damage to your door.

Cabinet interiors may be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth. We recommend that you dry with a soft cloth immediately after washing. Due to the nature of the material, excessive water left behind may seep into the seams and damage the cabinets.

Self cleaning appliances create a great deal of heat during the cleaning process. There is a chance that some of this heat may escape through the seals or gaskets of your range, we recommend you either pull your oven out approximately 8 inches or remove the doors and drawers that are directly beside the appliance while the self cleaning feature is in use. 

Cleaning the hardware on your cabinets: Wash hardware with a solution of warm water and a small amount of of mild dish detergent. Dry your hardware and in areas around the cleaned area immediately after. Hinges can be cleaned with a dry cloth or cotton tip swab. Cleaning agents are not recommended for cleaning your handles. Some of these solutions may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the finish on your handles. 

Do not allow children to swing on doors or use the drawers as step ladders. Bent or twisted hinges and drawer slides usually cannot be repaired.