Cabinet Colour: Light or Dark?

Are you in the process of a kitchen renovation?  Not sure what colour of cabinetry to choose?  Should you go light or dark?  There is no right or wrong; neither is more on-trend than the other. Really, the decision should come down to what works best for your family and your home.

White or light cabinets are more traditional and will make your space look bigger and brighter and tend to be less “trendy”.  Keep in mind, however, that light cabinets will show the sweet, tiny handprints of your toddler and the bigger, dirtier handprints of your spouse.  A quick daily wipe down, however, should keep them looking new.

Darker cabinet can take you from a transitional style to a contemporary style. They are terrific for an open concept floor plan as they can look more like pieces of furniture. They can also take a large space and make it feel more intimate.

Which ever way you choose, you can add a “punch of colour” by simply adding in a few small accessories, a beautiful back splash, or a magnificent countertop.

First Choice:

We have many of our clients ask us what to choose first…flooring, cabinets, countertops, or back splash.  Our biggest recommendation is to choose the product that makes your heart skip a beat.  The one item that if you didn’t have it….you just know you would regret it. Once you have decided on that one item, it is easier to work the design and colour scheme.

I have a beautiful, vintage Le Creuset dutch oven that lives on my stove. All of my accent pieces in the room tie into the orange colour of the pot.  It was my inspiration.  Every time I walk into my kitchen, it makes me smile.  Isn’t that the point of renovating?

Right Choice:

So, you are at the beginning steps of planning a kitchen renovation.  How do you know which cabinet designer/manufacturer you should work with?

Although we understand that budget plays a HUGE part of the decision process, it is important to choose a company who you are comfortable with.  The company you choose (uhhummmm…Kitchen Concepts) should have personable staff that you are comfortable working with.  The designer you work with will need to be welcomed into your home and should have a connection to your family values and have a clear understanding of how you plan on using your new space.  They should have the experience to be able to offer you solutions to any issues in your currently layout to make it more friendly.

They should also have a crew of outstanding cabinet manufacturers (preferably employed by the company) and installation crew.  The people “behind the scene” should be as dedicated to your satisfaction as the designer.